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Our Solutions - Endural Products

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Endural is available in high-performance ESD materials; both static dissipative and conductive, as well as standard high-density polyethylene.

Vacuum forming, modular stacking programs, 360-degree heavy-duty stacking totes, small parts trays, general purpose nesting totes, utility pans and trays, dish and food-service totes, and more. Here are just a few products...

Heavy duty stacking boxes, 360 boxes, load bearing boxes, thermoplastic boxes, container design"360" Heavy-Duty Stacking Boxes

Probably unequalled in stacked load-bearing capacity for thermoplastic boxes. The all-around, or "360," stacking surfaces provide infinitely more bearing area; and the inward-sloping top design, prevents the usual outward deformation, collapsing and cracking experienced by conventional designs under heavy, sustained loads.


                                               Nesting and Stacking

Nesting boxes, stocking boxes, Tapered boxes, container designNesting boxes have tapered sides.
When empty, they nest into each other and save space.

A Stacking box has little or no taper. It has projections to hold another box stacked on top without resting on the contents inside the box.


Cold Storage handling boxes, Food handling boxes, Airflow containers, open top containersCold Storage/Food Handling

The spreader is designed to allow maximum efficiency and apeed in product freezing and subsequent handling of frozen products such as poultry, beef, pork or fish. Endural meat lugs are stacked on the spreader, which both secures the containers and allows airflow around and under them. Additional spreaders can be placed on top of the open-top containers to act as a lid as well as a layer for more containers.


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